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Evil kitty kibble

It's a freakin' state of the emergency!

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Demonic Boppu Redraw
DB Redraw Mugy
Did you read the webcomic Demonic Boppu back in the day? (The day being roughly 2001-2003.) If so, and if you enjoyed it enough to continue reading, you might be interested to know that I'm in the midst of re-drawing the original Demonic Boppu comic! The story is more or less the same, though with a bit of cleaning up.
So, come and read DB again! Or, at least come and see if my art has improved in the last decade. I think it has, a little. :x

Demonic Boppu just started Chapter 4 (which is the one where Havoc and Oli meet, so yay). You can read it here: Demonic Boppu (on smackjeeves)