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Evil kitty kibble

It's a freakin' state of the emergency!

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Current Drawing List
Kuja - headache
For the interested, here are things I am currently working on, and their statuses...
List last updated: 10/19/11, 03:06 AM.

1) Seph's Mom - on hold, not happy with current sketched pages
2) Emo Snake! - page 66, drawn and posted

Other drawings:
1) Emo Snake! - character reference sheets, just for kicks - Not started yet
2) DB - New Mugy and Pyx character reference sheets would be nice too. Hmm. - Not started yet
3) DB Devils family tree - Working on portraits. Progress: 16/16 complete!

None at the moment.

NaNoWriMo - Need to find a title and work on the timeline.
Tentative title: Demonic Boppu: The Dark Lord's Testament