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Evil kitty kibble

It's a freakin' state of the emergency!

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Who Are You?
snail Ansem
No, really.
Sometimes I look at my (rather diminutive) friends list, and I wonder who the heck half of you are. In fact, to be honest there's only a handful of people on my friends list who I...er... actually know who you are. That's embarrassing to admit, but I thought I'd be honest. Since most of my entries lately have been friends-only you might've friended me and I've not friended you back due to not knowing who you are... and then you wouldn't see my entries and think that I don't post. Mmyeah.
So, if you want to be able to read my journal, please let me know. Please tell me who you are, or at least why you friended me.
And, even if you've been on my friends list for years, you can still humor me and remind me where we met online. If you can remember. My memory sucks.

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Hmm...I know I don't comment a lot (I hardly ever know what to say XD ), but I'd like to stay on as a reader. I think I ended up friending you due to Demonic Boppu...or maybe some of your other work on dA.

We're NaNo buddies -- I'm Picklewingdfish on AIM and I threw shoes at you because of your absurd WC.

oh err... hmmm... I must have added you because of KOL... or Nano... or because your interests rock. *hides in shame* I don't remember exactly why o.O

I think it may have been from the nano_icons group, though I could be wrong.

You are probably right then :)

Haha! ::points:: You remember me!!!! I'm the word 'of.' Why does that amuse me so?

I made you "of" because I knew you would enjoy it. XD

See, you know me well enough to know that'd amuse me! Even though I haven't talked to you in 1000000000 years!

Well, even if we don't talk much, I still read your journal entries. They are always a nice amusing bright spot in my day. Or at least a nice spot in it. A nice, non-emo spot, unlike so many of the other journals I end up reading. I wish more journals could be as wonderful as yours.
I'm going to go play Twilight Princess now. :D

Wow, I didn't think anyone read my lj anymore. XD Yeah, I don't really emo so much anymore (blame the meds!), but even if I did, I feel bad making my emo public and privatize it all. XD So instead, I post random weird stuff that no one cares about!


TP IS MADE OF AWESOME AND...and...um... stuff.
The little bottle fairies are amusing too. (Y'know, the ones that you catch in bottles and they revive yer dumbass when the boss monster sits on you.) I found one, and it sat on the end of Link's sword. And then it sat on his hat, and was terribly cute. I want a fairy now.
But, so far it's the usual Zelda fair with a lot of things mixed in. XD

bakaneko oekaki board. i was always a fan of your comic and artwork, so when i got an lj and found out you had one, i friended you.

It's me, Sigma_Nightmare lol.

Eeek. *throws brick* Aclarie's around here somewhere too...

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