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sforzie's Journal

It's a freakin' state of the emergency!

Evil kitty kibble
23 July

I play WoW. I level things. Toons, professions, pets, etc. I'm a leveler.

If you ever find yourself saying "I have too many alts", take heart. I finished Cataclysm with 21 level 85 toons. (And I have 8 90s as of updating this profile. I like to level things...)

General summary: Lazy. Bitchy. Childfree. Loves hurricanes. Likes lookin' at boobs. Doesn't like boys. Isn't interested in sex. Likes viewing the buttsex, though. Hasn't figured that one out, but if it works...
Don't like red meat, babies, dogs, clowns, rap music, and people that think I won't crush them with my BIG FAT ASS. Or big boobs, if you're cute.
I have a college degree. Somewhere. I think its in a box in my bedroom. I think. *shrug*
I play video games, draw, write, and insult the elderly when their hearing aids aren't on. My goal in life is to GET THESE FREAKIN PEOPLE OUT OF MY HEAD. Hence the drawing and writing. One day they'll get bored and move on, and then I can too.
I've been online under this sn for like... twelve years. So if you see some weird shit on the 'net with my name tacked on it, it very well may be mine. O_o Mmyeah. I'm embarrassed by the stuff I did when I was 15 too, so cram it.

If you're reading this profile wondering if I'm "that Sforzie", then yes, I'm that Sforzie who: wrote J/7 fanfiction and a plethora of other weird Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction, wrote Pokemon fanfiction and ran Cafe Rocket, ran a Digimon fansite called Blonde Ambition some eight years ago, used to do oekaki on the BakaNeko boards, updates my FF villains fansite Bright Shadows every few years.
I'm the idiot who drew/draws sometimes the webcomics: Demonic Boppu, Honey Mustard (now known as "The Vampire's Side" in its novelized form), and Emo Snake. I've also drawn a fairly large amount of Final Fantasy related comics, which are found either on my deviantART or y!gallery pages. (And I apparently like giving websites two word names.)
I post/lurk/appear in varying frequency (and varying names) on the following sites: y!gallery, deviantART, livejournal, NaNoWriMo, Gaia, GameFAQs, fanfiction.net, sparkpeople, kingdom of loathing, etc.
With all that crap you'd think I would have my own centralized domain name, but I'm lazy and brokeass, so I don't. :D


Gerard Way is Love.

Please note: Unless otherwise noted, all of my icons were made by me. I can't make you ask for permission to use them, but please at least give credit. :)