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Fuss and Bustle art
Dissidia Mateus and Kuja
Two character doodles for Fuss and Bustle!
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Demonic Boppu Redraw
DB Redraw Mugy
Did you read the webcomic Demonic Boppu back in the day? (The day being roughly 2001-2003.) If so, and if you enjoyed it enough to continue reading, you might be interested to know that I'm in the midst of re-drawing the original Demonic Boppu comic! The story is more or less the same, though with a bit of cleaning up.
So, come and read DB again! Or, at least come and see if my art has improved in the last decade. I think it has, a little. :x

Demonic Boppu just started Chapter 4 (which is the one where Havoc and Oli meet, so yay). You can read it here: Demonic Boppu (on smackjeeves)

nanowrimo and other things
Dissidia Mateus and Kuja
So, yes, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again. Two novels this year. Well, one new one, and one complete rewrite of my first and second nano-novels from 2004 and 2005. Whew. I'm at 30k words right now.

Also, as happens at least once a year, there's a whole heck of a lot of dramas going on over at y!gallery right now. I'm wondering what to do, you know? If the site tanks (again), I'm going to have to look for a new central base of operations for all my... stuff. I have plenty accounts on different websites, but I'm not sure where I'd post things. Not that many people care about actually seeing my stuff. Hrm. I don't really have time to worry about all that right now, what with NaNoWriMo and WoW taking up most of my attention span.

I know I don't post here that often anymore, so sorry to the few people that have me friended and are still here.

Does anyone know how the scrapbook works when it comes to adult content? Are we allowed to use it for that, as long as it's marked, or no? I can't quite figure it out myself. Not that I draw a lot of porns, but you know. There's always porns days. I know on LJ posts you can mark when there's explicit stuff on a post, to protect those rascally underaged eyes, but what about the albums?

Current Drawing List
Kuja - headache
For the interested, here are things I am currently working on, and their statuses...
List last updated: 10/19/11, 03:06 AM.

1) Seph's Mom - on hold, not happy with current sketched pages
2) Emo Snake! - page 66, drawn and posted

Other drawings:
1) Emo Snake! - character reference sheets, just for kicks - Not started yet
2) DB - New Mugy and Pyx character reference sheets would be nice too. Hmm. - Not started yet
3) DB Devils family tree - Working on portraits. Progress: 16/16 complete!

None at the moment.

NaNoWriMo - Need to find a title and work on the timeline.
Tentative title: Demonic Boppu: The Dark Lord's Testament

fic update
Dissidia Mateus and Kuja

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la la

Sforzie's Review (sorta) of HOP
Squeaky Crab LOVES YOU
So, I went to the movies today with my mom. Since most of the movies in theaters at the moment seemed pretty lame, we went with the Easter movie, HOP.

Overall? I liked it.
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Jadaar/Asric fic repost.. "The Blame Game"
ERP - quoted from /trade
In celebration of them getting moved in-game again, I'm reposting my dorky, totally SFW Jadaar/Asric fic here. (That and y!gallery is down again.) Somebody at Blizzard likes these two an awful lot, because they've had more plot development in the last two or so years than most of the main characters in the game....

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Who Are You?
snail Ansem
No, really.
Sometimes I look at my (rather diminutive) friends list, and I wonder who the heck half of you are. In fact, to be honest there's only a handful of people on my friends list who I...er... actually know who you are. That's embarrassing to admit, but I thought I'd be honest. Since most of my entries lately have been friends-only you might've friended me and I've not friended you back due to not knowing who you are... and then you wouldn't see my entries and think that I don't post. Mmyeah.
So, if you want to be able to read my journal, please let me know. Please tell me who you are, or at least why you friended me.
And, even if you've been on my friends list for years, you can still humor me and remind me where we met online. If you can remember. My memory sucks.

y!gallery ToS for dummies
Thinking is bad!

Rule 1. This site is for human males. Don't post any fucking furry pictures here! Don't quibble over the details either, you know exactly what I'm talking about!
Also, of course, don't post pics with just things like animals, ladies, or inanimate objects in them.

Rule 2. Don't post things that are just photographs. If you want to use an art gallery as your personal lameass photo album, go to deviantart. And don't post photomanips. And stop posting obvious photomanips and saying they're not! And no real life porn pics, sorry.
And only post screenshots if it's like, for a kiriban claim, or a WIP or something like that.

Rule 3. Don't post shota. Well, you can post shota, but don't have it be based on real life stuff. And don't post 3d renders of shota pr0n either, 'cause that's not any better than those boxes of photographs they find in teachers' houses.

Rule 4. Please use the filters. USE THE FILTERS DAMMIT. It's not that hard. And try to mark things properly in the keywords. And if someone makes a mistake and accidental marks a 'portrait' as a 'pixel art', don't go and fucking flame them. You know who you are, you spaz.

Rule 5. You have to be 18 to sign up for the site. I know you don't CARE, but if your stupid underage ass signs up for the site, and your mom finds out and throws a shitfit, then the whole gallery might get shut down. And then we'll have to come and beat you up. Wait until you're 18 to sign up, the pr0n will still be here!

Don't trace people's stuff, don't post other people's work without permission, don't post things made with those stupid doll maker sites. Give credit where credit is due. In short, DON'T FUCKING STEAL.

Rule 7. Don't flame. Don't flame other users, and don't flame the mods. They have a hard enough job as it is without you screaming at them for "omg ur so mean" and whatnot. Don't post chain letters or tagging messages on people's pages. If you want to do that go to deviantart. And don't post anything that someone might take badly. Last thing you want is some popular artist screaming that you're flaming them and getting you suspended for being mean. (Meaning: It's okay to post pics of nagas eating elves, but if you post a pic of an elf hurting a naga you're going to probably get suspended.)

Rule 8. Don't make an additional account to try and get around a suspension or ban. The mods will find you and you'll just make your situation worse. There are other ways of contacting the mods.

Rule 9. If you're not going to take the three minutes to clean up your scanned images, don't fucking post them. And don't post things drawn on lined paper, graph paper, dirty paper, your class notes, or your receipt from Burger King. If you have to photograph your work since you don't have a scanner, please take the time to clean it up and make it presentable. It's not that difficult. And don't post scribbles. If you're posting a written work, use the spell check. Have someone read it and check for errors. Basically, if you put a little effort into making your work a little more shiny, then everyone will be happier.

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snail Ansem


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